johnnie walker

I love it when a brand tie-up comes together.

When two brands that sing from the same hymn-sheet launch a campaign and creates something so perfect for their joint target audience that the credentials of each individual brand rub off and reinforce each other. Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Mr Porter are just such brands.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the most premium whiskey in the Johnnie Walker range, a blend of the rarest Scottish whiskies which create “an intense, rich, deep and multi-layered experience.” Mr Porter is a global men’s fashion online retailer, specialising in high-end designer brands including Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Gucci.

The two brands have come together to produce this short film, which you can view here, starring Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini called “The Gentleman’s Wager”. It tells the story of a man who can buy anything he wants challenging himself to create an original performance for the chance to win a money-can’t-buy item. Firstly, the film itself is great- a high-quality piece of cinema, beautifully shot and starring two acclaimed actors. Secondly, it’s interactive- whilst watching the video, fans can buy the clothes worn in the film and “Shop the Look” via a specialised page on the Mr Porter website.

But for me the true success comes from the fact that the two brands link up seamlessly to tell a complete story. Both brands are targeting the same consumer- a sophisticated, middle-aged man with a medium to high disposable income, yet they are not in competition with one another. They are in fact two complementary components of this target consumer’s lifestyle. You can just imagine a man pouring himself a tumbler of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey, before settling down to check out the latest blazers on Mr Porter. The brands work together so well because they complete the picture- encouraging their target consumer to buy into that lifestyle by buying both the whiskey AND the clothes.

Marketers take note- when considering strategic brand tie-ups, think carefully about your target consumer’s lifestyle, and what other brands fit in it.