good men: here’s to doing it right



I am becoming increasingly aware of the corporate responsibility initiatives within many big companies. Be it from an environmental, social or political perspective, companies around the world are identifying the unique positions of power they are in to bring about real positive change in the world. And I applaud them for this. There are however, few companies whose social cause is at the core of what they do, rather than a tacked-on afterthought. These companies, through growing their business, directly grow the scale of their positive impact, which seems to me even more impressive.

And that’s why when I heard about L. Condoms, I wanted to share with you their story.

L. is a health company that sells condoms that are designed by women with thoughtful sourcing of the highest-quality, sustainably-tapped and non-toxic materials. The genius comes in the form of its 1 for 1 condom line: for every condom sold, one is distributed by a female entrepreneur in a developing country in need. The 1 for 1 program provides holistic distribution in Uganda and Swaziland, the country with the highest HIV prevalence rate in the world. So you can rest assured knowing that for every condom you buy, you are helping to fight the spread of HIV in a developing country! They clearly have business smarts too: I also think their 1 hour delivery service is particularly genius.

February is condom awareness month and alongside Valentine’s Day kits, L. are also launching the “Good Men: Here’s to Doing it Right” Campaign to raise awareness of their cause, which you can view below:


To find out more (and to buy their products), check out their website here. L. is an example of a socially conscious, forward-thinking company that through a simple idea is helping to bring about some positive change in the world.