This news article sparked my interest as it proposes an interesting way to segment your audience, suggested by the head of Dreamworks Animation.

The proposed idea is that you pay different prices for films depending on the device you view it on. So buying a film to play on your smartphone will cost less than it would to play on your tablet, and much less than it would cost to play the same film on your TV.

I’m not entirely sure how this will effect behaviour (will consumers really see the value of paying extra to watch a film on their TV compared to their tablet?); and further I can’t quite yet see the feasibility of the pricing structure, especially given the fact that the market at the moment is trending towards seamless accessibility of content across multiple devices (e.g. you can download a film on your laptop and use Chromecast to watch it on your TV, or the music on your phone is automatically backed up and accessible on your tablet).

An interesting musing nevertheless, and it’s great to see innovative thinking when it comes to segmenting your audience.

(Originally posted on The Value Engineers blog on May 1st 2014)