Along with my colleagues at The Value Engineers we have put together a list of 15 Food and Drink Trends we think will happen in 2015! Over the next few days I will be publishing three blog posts describing all these trends, from the realistic to the outlandish! Do you think we have got it right? Are there any we have missed?  And so for our final instalment…

11. Click here for your Lunch

2015 will see food and drinks brands using digital channels in increasingly innovative ways to deliver better service and reduce their overheads. Starbucks is trialling a “click and collect” service for coffee through their app. In Australia McDonald’s offer a fully customisable burger you can order through a tablet- and collect in real time! Some restaurants will even begin letting guests order and pay for meals through their phone to free up waiter time!


12. Gamey Meats hit the Menu

With consumers becoming increasingly adventurous in what they eat, expect meats outside to standard chicken, lamb, beef and pork to gain a following. Nutritious, delicious and exciting, expect venison, partridge and other game birds to hit mainstream menus: no longer just for the top table!


13. Bubble Tea Explosion

This trend has been bubbling under the surface for a while, but bubble tea looks set to explode into the mainstream. Tapioca balls at the bottom of iced tea? It shouldn’t work but it does, and already has a loyal following in the UK thanks to the likes of Bubbleology and Cuppacha. Expect a high street chain in the UK to begin offering the drink- in Germany McDonald’s began trialling bubble tea in 2012!


14. Seaweed Salad

Super sustainable and with enormous supplies available just off-shore of the British isles it’s a wonder seaweed hasn’t found its way on to our plates sooner. This is one to watch over a longer period of time, but seaweed is already being experimented with in different formats from trendy London restaurants to wholefood and health stores.


15. Lunch on Bugs?

Cricket anyone? Bugs may be pushing our predictions, but with the global price of meat rising and health conscious western diets slowly shifting away from the meat and two veg formula consumers are looking for new sources of protein. Soya has had it’s hey-day, and the cost and environmental impact of land-intensive farming is fuelling a shift towards alternate sources of proteins – where better to look than the insect world?


To read about our first 5 Food and Drink trends for 2015 click here. To read about our second 5 Food and Drink trends for 2015 click here.




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