Along with my colleagues at The Value Engineers we have put together a list of 15 Food and Drink Trends we think will happen in 2015! Over the next few days I will be publishing three blog posts describing all these trends, from the realistic to the outlandish! Do you think we have got it right? Are there any we have missed? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section! And so for our second instalment…

6. Gluten Free Sandwiches

Gluten Free has enjoyed considerable growth as a category, fuelled by rising allergen and free-from trends. The logical next step is for gluten-free products which put content claims front and centre to give way to new brands contesting for market share and shelf space within this category. We expect 2015 to be a good year for new brands launching into the gluten free space with something more than “gluten free” as a reason to believe.


7. Coconut Oil Cooking

Coconut water has enjoyed enormous success in both UK and US markets in recent years, and it now looks like coconut oil will be riding that wave. Already popular among an early adopting crowd for its concentration of fatty acids and perceived health benefits it is replacing ordinary cooking oils in a number of households.


8. Go Matcha

Matcha is Green Tea in powder form, already found in soba noodles, green tea flavoured ice creams and other oriental products. We’re keeping our eyes on the taste pioneers who are finding interesting new ways to use matcha in various dishes – cold tea beverages have already made their way into the market, but there is potential to extend into desserts, hot drinks, breakfast occasions and more.


9. Say Cheers with Ginger Beer!

With adult soft drinks growing considerably, and the war on sugar looming over the category at large, expect interesting developments over the next year. A noted favourite on the street food scene, and making a comeback via gastropubs we think 2015 could be the year to crack open a ginger beer.


10. Drink your veg!

Although this trend was previously a non-starter, 2015 looks set to be its year. In response to concerns around the level of sugar in drinks, drinks brands will look to vegetables to offer exciting flavour innovations. Fresh tasting, healthy and vibrant, vegetables look set to be the new darling of the drinks world. Innocent have already released fruit and veg fresh pressed juice, but expect other brands to follow suit.


For part 1 of our Food and Drink trends for 2015 click here.

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