Along with my colleagues at The Value Engineers we have put together a list of 15 Food and Drink Trends we think will happen in 2015! Over the next few days I will be publishing three blog posts describing all these trends, from the realistic to the outlandish! Do you think we have got it right? Are there any we have missed? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section! And so for our first instalment…

1. Gourmet Hot Dogs

With the gourmet burger trend fully hitting the mainstream, foodies are turning to a new takeaway staple to jazz up- the hot dog. Think high quality meat, adventurous toppings and brioche buns. Bubbledogs and Jamie Oliver’s Diner, both in London, already serve gourmet dogs but expect 2015 to be the year that these dogs have their day.


2. Mezze Madness

The next wave of ethic cuisine that looks set to take Europe by storm is from Lebanon. Elevating the traditional kebab, think freshly made hummus, falafel and grilled meats! The likes of Beirut Express, Yalla Yalla and Comptori Libanais are already serving such deliciousness but 2015 will be the year that Lebanese food really hits the big time. Move over Chinese and Indian food, there’s a new cuisine in town!


3. Hot Sauce Provenance

Consumer thirst for hot sauce is continuing to rise. 2015 will be the year that in order to further differentiate brands will play up the provenance of their hot sauces. Think Jamaican scotch bonnet, Indian Ghost chilli and Mexican Jalapeño hot sauces! Brands will also play up the flavour credentials of their hot sauces and what they can add to food- just being hot is no longer good enough!


4. Going Nuts for Nuts

From nut butters & spreads to less conventional formats like nut drinks, 2015 is the year we’re going nuts for nuts. Hitting back against rising allergy trends and free-from, a number of new brands are emerging in the nut category capitalizing on health benefits such as high levels of protein and fibre, as well as snack-ability. Whether it’s cashews replacing peanut butter, almond replacing soy milk nuts are on their way.


5. Refined Taste of the Orient

London’s street food scene this year has been dominated by new formats of oriental and Asian food – from Vietnamese Pho to Korean kimchi. In the year ahead we expect this trend to start gaining wider traction: showing the public that there is more to Asian food than Chinese sweet and sour!


To read our next 5 Food and Drink trends for 2015 click here for part 2. To read our final 5 Food and Drink trends for 2015 click here for part 3.



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