Ambiguity gets you nowhere. Clarity is key.

In marketing, it sometimes feels like the message communicated is almost irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what your brand stands for, so long as it stands for something. Creating a platform in which to speak to consumers enables you to speak authentically, with clarity, and memorably.

To this end, I am so glad with Puma’s recent advertising push. The advert, which you can see below, features Usain Bolt, Mario Balotelli and Rickie Fowler amongst others under the tagline “Calling all Troublemakers”.

The “Forever Faster” campaign is an attempt is to make Puma a disruptive, somewhat anarchic force in sportswear, and is a bold statement of intent to the troublemaker in all of us. This certainly feels like a stronger positioning than its previous “Worn My Way” campaign which, although interesting and reflective of a general cultural trend towards individuality, did not instinctively feel right for a sportswear brand. It had neither the punch of Nike’s ubiquitous “Just Do It” campaign, nor the true performance focus of Adidas’ “Strive for Eliteness” angle.

It will be great to see how much trouble (and success) this campaign can stir up for Puma.




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